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Take an English Class by Phone

Taking English classes by phone would have been impossible only a couple of years ago. But thanks to the internet and affordable long distance calling plans, people can learn the language over the phone on their timetable. What are the advantages?

English is easily the most popular second language on earth. Reliable estimates put the number of people who have enrolled in English courses at over half a billion. What does this tell us? For one thing, traditional English classes are in demand. And even if the student is able to secure himself a spot, he will likely be in an overcrowded classroom with thirty or forty other pupils.

Learning a language over the mobile phone repeater is not only cheaper, but it may also be more effective. After all, you will have the undivided attention of a professional English teacher. One-on-one lessons are offered both online and by phone. We recommend learning over the phone, since it is obviously easier to learn pronunciation if you can hear a native speaker.

Where to start?

Most phone language services promote their businesses on the internet. In a recent search, we found scores of them in the UK. Most lessons last for thirty minutes and can be scheduled during the morning, afternoon, or at night. Package deals give students the opportunity to save some money the more lessons they plan.

But before you jump in with both feet, we recommend a small package deal. Purchase five or ten lessons for fifty or one hundred pounds and see if you like it. If the format agrees with you, purchase a larger package of thirty or forty lessons and save yourself some cash.

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