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Rome at its Best

If you love to travel than Rome is probably on your short list of places to stay. It is one of those unmissable cities of the world and if you haven't been to Rome you are missing out! So, you have booked your Rome apartments for a week or two and now you need to plan your itinerary so what do you do?

If you are lucky enough to have more than a few days to spend in Rome then you will be spoiled for choice. So often if you have just the weekend there you will visit all the most famous sights such as St Peters, the Coliseum and the Trevi Fountain. But there is so much more to see than is possible in just one weekend!

Instead of just spending an hour or so at St Peters, take the time to explore it properly. The cathedral itself is an absolute work of art and should not be skipped over.

The architecture and the pieces of art deserve at least half a day of your time. And of course there is also the Sistine chapel which is often very crowded and can take some time to visit.

The Roman Forum too deserves a leisurely visit. Take time to wander around and imagine the lives of the ancient Romans from the works they have left behind.

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