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Out of Date

We all want the latest and best technology in our lives and as technology improves and as prices are coming down, this is becoming increasingly more affordable. There are price comparison sites and sites which give access to Comet discount codes and which make the latest gadget even more affordable.

But there is a price to pay for this cheap technology. We used to use our personal gadgets and home appliances for their natural lifetime and only disposed of them once they were worn out or damaged. We now replace gadgets such as MP3 players and phones on a regular basis, while our previous device is still in excellent working order that is, we replace purely for fashion and not practical reasons.

So what happens to all the devices which are perfectly working but not the latest trend? Good question. They often pile up in our drawers at home. Due to the fact that nearly everyone in this country wants the latest models they have little or no second hand resale value.

They very often end up being thrown in the bin or kept as back up devices, as people just cannot sell them on.

Our society is becoming increasingly throwaway and this is one area where we have to start paying attention or it could have serious environmental consequences.

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